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With a re-brand and many changes behind the scenes plus a team behind the Dre Darkroom brand, you can expect some exciting additions to the photography & music fusion.
Don’t miss out on an exciting announcement relevant to artists coming soon!


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A quick post to say that exciting things have been happening in recent months. A spark of passion for live music has spawned Gadzooks:

Luke Savage booked me to play at his event Break On Through a year ago. Little did I know back then I would end up involved in running the event after teaming up along with Nick Beech to form Gadzooks. The third instalment has just happened this weekend and it was a resounding success.

We’ll be putting on more Gadzooks events in the future. Like the page and subscribe to notifications so you can stay in the loop about the live music we put on and share:

Finally, I’ll leave you with this absolute corker from Aero which I dropped second to last during my first set of Break On Through – Punchlime Special:

Enjoy and see you at a future Darkroom set. See the event listings on Darkbook.


Across the Spectrum Mix

It’s been too long with no Darkroom mixes or anything else posted, so here is a spontaneous practice mix!

FREE DOWNLOAD – To download you need to be logged in. You can click the arrow in the footer to use FB connect for one click login, or you can register here:

If you liked the mix please leave a comment below! Thanks.

More mixes coming soon on Mixcloud & Soundcloud!

Track list:

Nathan Fake – Vanish North
Nils Frahm – Says
MMOTHS – For Her – Max Cooper Remix
Extrawelt – Trummerfeld (Oliver Huntemann Remix)
Extrawelt – Trummerfeld
Extrawelt – Soopertrack (Original Mix)
Freakx Brothers – Tension (Popof Remix)
Maetrik – Push Me (Popof Remix)
Hyper – Computer Says No! (Original Mix)
Colombo – Ska Punch
Paul Oakenfold – Tokyo (Beatman & Ludmilla Remix)
PYRAMID – Infinity
Andy C & MC GO, Dirtyphonics, DJ Phat feat. Miss Trouble – Vandals
Sub Focus – Rock It
Metrik – Make the Floor Burn (VIP)
Nothing To Lose Vs Zero – The One Who Knocks
Noisia & The Upbeats – Little Fling
The Upbeats & Noisia – Loudmouth

What’s going on with Darkroom in the Darker Months

I realised that the website has been left to stagnate and so here I am to update you on some of what’s been going on in the world of Darkroom.

I’ve been attending and playing at a few underground events and parties in the past few months, getting more inspiration and connecting with so many awesome people from around the UK and building on my Darkroom sounds. I’ve been otherwise swamped with work doing photography and video commissions for my business Andreas Andrews Photography. Hopefully soon I will find some more time to record a new mix and play at some more events, perhaps at NYE and early next year.

Moodswings was unbelievably good, forging it’s own sound and with a tightly nit theme integrated into the visuals and sounds of the night. Remedy was one of the best yet (for me), and being a DnB head going back longer than any other electronic genre I welcomed with open arms with the likes of Ed Solo and my friends Firefarm & Fighty amongst others. IllumiNaughty recently was massive, in fact the biggest yet. I was triple booked as it was Halloween and only made it for the last 4 hours or so (which flew by) but that in itself was barely enough time to take in each of the massive rooms at the new location in Bowlers, Shindig hosted the DnB room Herculaneum which had an unbelievably big sound, and Lowdown did the breaks room which saw the likes of Elite Force who is one of my favourite all time DJ’s. All of these events deserve the dedication of entire post each which I may or may not find time to write. If you are into music journalism and interested in posting event reviews via the Clubs & Gigs channel then give me a shout!

Last up was Monk3ylogic  at a Broken Records special at my friend Kwah’s event Basslab. They absolutely blew me away. It was their sound and incredible productions with their signature style that really excited me when I started listening to and mixing psybreaks. I knew I would kick myself if I missed the chance to see them in an intimate venue which hit full capacity with lovely people! A big shout out to my good friend Miltoid brandishing a burnt lab coat and bringing his awesome glitch sounds which went down a treat to finish off the night. I was introduced to Pieman and Miss Mary Fairy who were also playing blindingly good sets, each DJ with a different completely different style which kept things fresh and interesting. All in all a plethora of versatile electronic music with sprinklings of psychedelic sounds and more on the breaks and electro side of things with some filth and big bass thrown in for good measure which was most definitely to my liking. It was all very well received by an energised and ecstatic crowd.

I’ll post a new mix sometime on the Facebook page, and you can find a recent mix on my Soundcloud page so I’ll just drop those links in here for now 😉 Until then please leave me a comment, share my page and help spread the word of Darkroom and see you in a while when I’m back on it!

Facebook: Dre Darkroom (please give the page a like)

Soundcloud: Dre Darkroom (it would be great to have some comments on my mixes)

Also be sure to check out Basslab and other events in the North West I’m involved with and support including:

Remedy, Moodswings, IllumiNaughty, Prohibition, Soma Sonic, Lowdown & Dirty… the list goes on and I will add more events and links when I get a chance, but be sure to check out my page for live music photography +more (soon to be rebranded) Clubs & Gigs to find out more about what’s going on in the area around Manchester, Leeds & Liverpool (for the time being).

Next up: Boudoir Beats & Moodswings NYE

Rory Kwah from Basslab is putting together a brand new chillout night called Boudoir Beats featuring his alter alias Tea Tree (also with friends of mine False Identity and Magic Lantern playing) in the very same relaxed venue as Basslab soon on Saturday 5th Dec, and that will be worth getting down to if you want a bit more of a quiet one and will have a very limited capacity so be sure to check it out and get your tickets soon:

Boudoir Beats @ The Bull: https://www.facebook.com/events/979433728780205/

Mood Swings has taken Leeds by storm as it’s grown in recent months, and is set to be a massive NYE party!

Steamfunk Armageddon: https://www.facebook.com/events/895908430490825/

That’s all from me for now. A massive thanks to everyone who has made this a very special first year so far for Darkroom!

Finally I will leave you with one of my favourite Monk3ylogic tracks they played on Saturday: ‘Not Over Yet’

IllumiNaughty Halloween DJ Competition Mix

Track List:

intro: Beatman & Ludmilla – Oh sziv (Reprise)

  1. Sub Focus – Rock It (Stanton Warriors remix)
  2. Brookes Brothers – Corpse Bride
  3. The Prodigy – Omen (Noisia remix)
  4. Beatman & Ludmilla – Bazanthar
  5. Beatman & Ludmilla – In Breaks We Trust
  6. Audiohazard – Searching (Blazer remix)
  7. Frequency Less – Real Drugs (MartOpetEr remix)
  8. Stanton Warriors, Flux Pavillion, Elite Force – Cracked (RVMPD)
  9. Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dog – Still D.R.E. (JJ cover)
  10. Noisia – Could This Be  Best Drum and Bass single – The Bass Music Awards

This was my IllumiNaughty Halloween DJ competition mix entry, more on the technical aspects later, but first I want to share my thoughts behind the mix:

Beatman & Ludmilla have not made a single track I’ve heard, and not liked. I’d even go so far as to say I love pretty much most of what they’ve ever produced. I have to hold back sometimes from just playing back to back Beatman & Ludmilla and remember that less is more. Having said that, it’s nice to have a bit of versatility and various genre spanning sounds. That’s what I’ve tried to encapsulate in this self contained mix.

Unfortunately  the original recording failed due to an issue with a sound recording device, which I then swapped for an identical model of sound recording device, but which had the identical issue! Probably something to do with the settings… I digress. The original mix did have a few mistakes. I’m leaving it up on the basis that it’s better to have a mix online (which I find listenable) and hope others will enjoy, than nothing at all (until I can re-record it, or a better version perhaps with a change up). I appreciate the comments you leave here and on Soundcloud for me, and would love to get feedback whether positive or constructive critical comments. It’s all good! Of course another type of feedback is the number of listens and downloads. So if you do like it, please do grab a copy as it might not be on Soundcloud for very long. If you’re reading this far, why thank you! I’m humbled to say the least, although I have no idea unless you do leave me a comment. You can use the codeword ‘Ace’ in the comment as a means of signifying to me that you are in agreement that I do talk a bit of codswallop (and that you acknowledge such a sentiment). What was I actually talking about again? Oh yeah… something to do with DJ’ing or something… If you ever find any links broken or are looking for a mix just drop me a message and I’ll get you a download link sorted 😉

I know a lot of people did enter old mixes for this competition, but that just wasn’t what it was about for me. I’m glad that I did take some time out to organise my sh*t as, like always it forced me into productivity, even if I did make some mistakes… I learnt some sh*t along the way.

One of these days I will record another mix I am much happier with, and along with that I’ll no doubt have a live video recording (just like I’ve done twice now, with failed mix recording attempts!). I could still use some of the footage from the failed attempts using on-camera audio, but the quality wouldn’t be great so I’m holding out until I can do it properly sometime and sync a good audio feed to HD footage of me in the zone!

Ok, that’s enough waffling from me for now. Thanks for reading the ridiculous waffles that come complementary with this IllumiNaughty Halloween DJ competition mix and please take just a few more seconds to leave a comment, share this mix/post and follow me using the links to my Soundcloud, Mixcloud and like the Darkroom page on Facebook (search: Dre Darkroom). I even have a Twitter handle for Darkroom @DreDarkroom if you’re on the twittersphere side of the online shenanigans 😉

Here is the original photo artwork which I actually made before the mix (and before Darkroom was developed). It’s called Dark Energy Flux, and it was basically just a quick experimental self portrait with some experimental image manipulation. It’s available on a CC (Creative Commons) license for non-commercial use on my Flickr page, if you go to the original image here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/andreasandrews/8103850239

Feel free to download it for personal use (e.g. Desktop background, if you so wish… and at your own risk! mwa ha ha)
If you want to publish it anywhere, you’ll need to understand how CC works, and credit appropriately bla bla bla…

Dark Energy Flux artwork by Andreas Andrews for the IllumiNaughty Halloween DJ competition mix

Part of my photo a day project ‘dre365’: www.dre.me.uk/365

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Prohibition DJ Competition Mix Spring 2015 *Winning Entry*

Prohibition DJ competition entry.

*Update: My mix was a winning entry and I will kicking off the night, with Father Funk and Jenova Collective to follow! I’m so incredibly stoked and excited to deliver my “techy edged sounds” as they were described by the judges.

Mixed on Pioneer 2000 CDJ’s and a Nexus DJM2000 mixer. Enjoy!

Feedback Welcome!

I would love constructive criticism on my mix, or if there are specific things you liked about it. Please do let me know, it will help me grow as a DJ – whether you mix yourself or just your thoughts as a listener it’s all valuable to me. Please take a moment to leave a comment below (or drop me a message) and share your thoughts on this mix. Thank you!

Track List:

Intro: The McMash Clan, Kate Mullins — Swing Break

  1. Max Cooper, Tom Hodge – Quantet [Fields]
  2. Massive Attack – Paradise Circus (feat. Hope Sandoval) (Gui Boratto Remix)
  3. Umek, Stefano Noferini – Complementary Access
  4. Audio Louis – Wet
  5. Neurodriver – Sniper (Aerodroemme Remix)
  6. Mike Hulme – Curiosity (Simon Shackleton Mix)

Prohibition vs Strangedaze is on 1st May, Manchester, UK!

For this Prohibition DJ Competition I felt the need to pull something completely different out of the bag to suit a warm up set. I’m used to playing at a time, usually well into an after party when an infusion of bigger sounds, heavy basslines and a spot of filth goes down a treat. This draws on my eclectic taste whilst keeping things to a steady house tempo. The change in style is more in fitting with what I thought I really wanted to add to the Prohibition sound (the Manchester night known for it’s electroswing).

Featuring talented producers from around the globe including: Slovenia, UK, Ireland, Italy & Canada I’ve tried to encompass a wide range of my tastes and include what I consider gems I have gathered over the years, many of which I’ve never even mixed before. Containing remixes of tracks from artists I love who have influenced me over the years from trip-hop such as Massive Attack & more recently electronic eargasms from Neurodriver. His name is Dom Smart and has recently (and for a long time) been rocking my world (and playing at a previous Prohibition vs Strangedaze). A true innovator in the world of electro, house and techno with sprinklings of psychedelia Neurodriver’s track Sniper is one of my favourite psybreaks tunes remixed here by Canadian purveyors of fine techno Aerodroemme.

Below is the DJ competition artwork from Prohibition, and you can find more about Prohibition on Facebook. Strange Daze is also a night worth looking up in Manchester, but when they come together it really is something special to cover a wide variety of tastes.

Prohibition DJ Competition Artwork

Live @ BadPeopleInTheWoods March 2015


  1. Hedflux – Introversion
  2. Split & Jaxta – Rock It Back
  3. Hedflux, Tom Wilkes – Prawn Jack
  4. Hedflux, Grouch – Lumination
  5. Astrix – Type 1 (Blazer Remix)
  6. Nanosphere – Baba Tao
  7. Kultur, Colombo – Robotiko
  8. Beatman & Ludmilla – Leeroy Jenkins (Dub Elements Remix)
  9. Federation, Future Disciple – Quiero (Beatman and Ludmilla ReRub)
  10. Monk3ylogic – Basseffex (Hedflux Remix)
  11. Hedflux, Neurodriver – Energy Vibration

Darkroom Developments

Darkroom here with a quick update.

Hey! There have been a few darkroom developments happening behind the scenes. Here’s a little of what’s going on.


Remedy has recently expanded it’s offerings to Merseyside, and it was a huge success. I played at the after party in Liverpool and it went down very well. Thanks for all those die hard party goers who kept the rave alive right until my set in the early hours. I received quite a few lovely comments from people, specifically about how they liked that I had played some remixes/influences from other artists (from various genres) in what was predominantly psybreaks/breaks/techno with a splash of DnB to finish things off. I hadn’t even thought about it but I’m influenced by a huge range of artists across many genres and it’s nice that it shows during my sets.

New mix coming soon!

There’s not much in terms of mixes right now, sorry about that! I’ll be publishing or recording a new mix soon.

New Website!

I’ve just launched this new site, I hope you like it. There is much left to do, and I’d love any feedback.

Thanks for reading my short but sweet update and please leave a comment below and see you in a dark room somewhere soon!



psssst.. Click the photo or click here to visit my Facebook page for additional updates.

If you want to follow my fresh online profiles you can find a few more below. I’ve barely taken the bubble wrap off of my new Facebook page & Twitter profile. I appreciate all the followers I can get right now to build up an online presence on those new profiles, and in return I promise to upload a mix to Soundcloud/Mixcloud soon 🙂 Thanks

Mixcloud: www.mixcloud.com/darkroom

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/dredarkroom

Twitter: www.twitter.com/dredarkroom