A Beat Driven maniac DJ

Keen eyes! Found an easter egg

Dre Darkroom portrait

A music and photography fusion


Twitch affiliate streaming sporadically between gigs and festivals in 2021.
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It's been EMOTEtional </crappy pun>


From traditional darkroom printing to digital artwork, expect an audio/visual feast here soon!

What's in the bag?

There are a number of delights ranging from drum and bass to techno and many other styles such as breaks, bleeps and beeps.

All The Things

Absolutely A/V'ing it!

Mixed media artistry in the form of visual art and DJ mixes. The aim is to innovate.


Emerging from the darkroom, dre has been shooting photography for over a decade. Photography and music go hand in hand, along with various other artforms. More to come...


Playing drums, learning Ableton Live and looking to join up the dots between instruments, electronic music & live performance.

Dre Darkroom

A Beat Driven Maniac DJ

DJ Sets and Mixes

You can find mixes online hosted on many platforms, just search ‘Dre Darkroom’

Live music events

Emerging from dark times straight into gigs & festivals. Live streaming in-between usually weekday evenings, from around 7pm-ish GMT/BST.

Dark arts

Stay tuned for exciting updates from Dre Darkroom and friends in 2021!